Our Purpose & Principles

The purpose of our Trust is to:

  • Enable the academies in our Trust to deliver educational excellence to all our students.
  • Maintain and develop good and outstanding academies for the local community.
  • Ensure the rapid improvement of schools and academies which need support now (and in the future).
  • Act as lead sponsor for schools and academies that require our support.
  • Enable effective collaboration and the sharing of best practice across our academies.
  • Deliver efficient and effective operational procedures so that economies of scale can benefit our group of academies.


Our Principles

  • Openness to build trust, be transparent, sharpen accountability and drive improvement.
  • Commitment to excellence in all that we deliver.
  • Operation of a simple, efficient, low cost organisation.
  • Delivery of an effective and robust governance framework.
  • Tight control of resources to achieve economies, efficiencies and effectiveness across our operations.
  • Develop highly effective professional relationships so our staff can excel and consistently deliver high quality educational outcomes.
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