Academy Improvement Support

Prospere Learning Trust has a strong track record of improving schools at pace using a range of staff best suited to the situation being addressed.  The most effective model uses a blend of centrally employed PLT staff and current successful school leaders with experience of school to school support. A small  central team of expert advisers are employed according to strict criteria; including recent successful headship or senior leadership and track record of bringing about rapid and sustainable school improvement in at least one school and evidence of supporting others.
The MAT will draw upon this inherent expertise as well as from strong schools within and beyond the Trust including from local Teaching School Alliances. The Trust will commission a range of high quality school improvement advisers. It is this track record of providing and quality assuring school improvement resource and our understanding of how, what and where to access and deploy resource that makes the MAT strong.


Academy Improvement Lead

Our Senior Leaders will work closely with our CEO to ensure the best resource is deployed to bring about the most rapid impact. The Heads of School/EHT will report to the CEO and key  MAT Trustees on academy performance, where RAG (red, amber, green) ratings for each academy will be assessed against performance criteria. A plan of action for the coming term will be agreed for each academy which will be incorporated within its overall Academy Development Plan. Through rigorous monitoring and discussions with the academy headteachers, reports on progress against the plan of action will be done termly  and will recommend any additional intervention or support, keeping the CEO fully informed on progress. If progress is not fast enough, the CEO and EHT will visit the academy and consider what further interventions may be necessary. At all times, and for each academy, the headteacher and Chair of the Academy Governing Board will be held to account by the MAT.


Academy Improvement Plan

As soon as possible after conversion the EHT/CEO will ensure that an academy improvement plan is drafted which will identify the key issues and the ways in which the MAT will support the school. In many cases this will be a revision of the existing School Improvement and Development Plan.
For ‘good’ and ‘outstanding’ schools this plan will address any areas raised in the due diligence or which have arisen during the application and conversion process.
For ‘requires improvement’ or ‘inadequate’ schools the improvement plan will identify how the  MAT will prioritise the use of any Academy Improvement Grant to bring about rapid improvement.
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