MAT Central Cost Contribution


In order to operate efficiently as a MAT, a number of operations have been centralised to provide support to all the schools in the trust.
As the trust grows and develops, additional services will potentially be transferred from the local schools to the central function, plus some new services may be developed which schools do not currently have in place locally but would be of overall benefit.
When operations are centralised in the trust, this can be a virtual centralisation and associated staff may continue to located in particular schools within the trust, dependent on availability of space and historical arrangements.  The trust will review, as it develops, a central physical location for trust wide staff and associated operations, however there will always be a clear expectation that trust wide staff should spend a significant amount of time spread across the local schools that they support.
The Trust Board will be responsible for determining the MAT central budget and associated charge to the schools (the Central Cost Contribution, or “CCC”).  The Trust Board is committed to operating the central budget in a fair and transparent manner with full visibility to the schools of central costs and resultant charges.  Any school joining the Trust is required to contribute their share of the CCC.


Budgeting process and associated charging principles

The MAT budget will be set annually by the Trust Board as part of the budget setting process.  The Trust Board will plan the contributions so that there are sufficient funds from the individual schools to cover the full anticipated costs.  This will be done in advance of the main budget cycle to ensure that schools can include their forecasted CCC in their budget projections.  The MAT budget will then be reviewed termly as part of the management reporting process.
The Trust Board has agreed that the most transparent method for setting the per school contribution rate is a fixed % of core income (GAG, Pupil Premium and per student funding in special schools).
The Central Cost Contribution will be reviewed on an ongoing basis and will be subject to change dependent on the progression of centralisation of services and/or the growth of the Trust.
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