MAT Shared Service Provision

Shared Services

As the number of academies in the PLTMAT increases, and the income of the Trust increases, opportunities will be taken to review the provision of shared services and of back-office services in particular. These reviews will be performed in the context of the Trust’s need to ensure proper use of public funds, and the need to deliver value for money with improved quality in service provision. It is anticipated that the PLTMAT will invest in the provision of some additional central services as the Trust grows, to remove costs from individual academies and provide more efficient and effective services for example site management costs shared across local small schools.

The following support is currently provided centrally to all schools within the trust, funded by the MAT Central Cost Contribution:


Trust Finance Support

  • Appointment of internal and external auditors
  • Development of an internal audit programme
  • Provision and training of PS Financial System
  • Completion and submission of statutory accounts
  • Completion and submission of all ESFA reporting requirements
  • Ad hoc support and advice ongoing regarding technical finance matters
  • Provision of all policies and internal controls


Trust IT Support

  • Provision of an expert team including both local on site support and a central project and escalation team
  • Helpdesk for logging issues
  • Integration into the single Trust wide Prospere domain, to facilitate information sharing and cross site working across the Trust
  • Trust wide strategic development of IT to ensure potential for new technologies is harnessed across the Trust


Trust Governance Support

  • Clerking service for all meetings
  • Central administrative support for collation of papers, logging governor attendance, publishing governance information on websites etc.


Trust HR provision

  • Senior HR professional coordinating Trust wide HR to ensure compliance with policies and practice and the avoidance of time consuming and   challenging HR issues
  • Development of all Trust wide HR policies, ensuring they are kept up to date with any changes in legislation
  • Provision and training of a Trust HR database to support effective HR administration throughout the trust


Additional Trust Operational Support

  • Central Data Protection Officer, providing support and guidance including GDPR to nominated data protection leads in schools
  • Trust wide assurance system to ensure a standard approach and efficient reporting on Health and Safety and Planned Preventative Maintenance
  • Provision of a suite of compliant policies including publication on school websites where required, plus support for the development of school specific   policies as required
  • Support for development of the school website within the agreed format for Trust websites
  • Advice and guidance as required on procurement procedures
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