22 March 2022

Manchester Enterprise Academy (MEA) opened a brand new unique museum space this half term.  The ‘Hive Museum’ is situated directly on site, within the school building itself!  

This exceptional project gives students the opportunity to explore collections from local and international museums, with support from historians and professors at some of the leading universities such as University College London and the University of Manchester.  

The annual Cultural Capital survey, led by Stephen King, Curriculum Leader - Fantastic Futures and RE, revealed that many students had never visited a museum. On discovering this, staff began working on the project, aiming to provide continued opportunities and experiences for students who have already been amazed by the collections including Anne Frank’s diary and genuine Holocaust resistance materials, which were created and hidden inside ghetto’s during the Holocaust.  MEA are currently working with the Wiener Library, a specialist Jewish museum in London and the Child Wartime museum in Sarejavo, who are specialists in working with refugees.  Both museums are providing time and workshops for students and have supported with costs and logistics enabling this exciting space to be a long term feature.  The Hive Museum will host a range of exhibitions and collections which are also audio described and accessible for all.  Sam Ineson, Assistant Curriculum Lead of Humanities, hopes to further engage the wider community in Wythenshawe and will collaborate with colleagues from across our Trust schools, 

‘It has been great to work so closely with museums across the country, and to see the positive impact it is already having on our students.  We hope to welcome young people from across our Trust as the exhibitions develop.’


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