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The Get into Teaching website will support you with all aspects of becoming a teacher. This includes eligibility, exploring your options, how to apply, life as a teacher and gaining school experience.

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Financial support for 2019/20, published by the DfE.

We are continuing to offer a £26,000 tax-free bursary for all trainees with a 2:2 or higher in the highest priority subjects: Chemistry, Biology, Computing, Geography, Modern Foreign Languages and Physics.

For Maths trainees we are continuing to offer a £20,000 tax-free bursary, followed by two early-career payments of £5,000 each after tax (or £7,500 after tax if teaching in local authority areas of greatest need) in their third and fifth year of teaching.

Prestigious scholarship schemes will continue to be offered in six subjects: Chemistry, Computing, Geography, Modern foreign Languages, Maths and Physics. Successful scholars will receive £28,000 tax-free in all subjects except Maths, where scholars will receive £22,000 tax-free and the same additional early-career payments as those trainees who received a bursary.

For D&T, History, RE and Music we have increased the bursary on offer for most trainees. We are offering an increased £12,000 tax-free bursary for History trainees with a 2:2 or higher. For D&T trainees with a 2:2 or higher the bursary will be £12,000 tax-free. For RE and Music trainees with a 2:2 or higher the bursary will be £9,000 tax-free.

For full information on all financial incentives including scholarships, please visit Get Into Teaching.


Teach North West 

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This is a partnership for all school-led training providers to work collaboratively to ensure a quality provision for all those training within our schools. The website offers provider information for a range of school-led providers across the north west region.

For further information, please visit Teach North West.


Skills Test Support 

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This Manchester Metropolitan University website will give you the information and support needed to pass your Professional Skills Test. You need to have passed a literacy and numeracy skills test before starting your training course. The University offers support sessions that you can book on to, prior to taking your test. 

An overview of the literacy test can be found here and for the numeracy here. This includes how to book your test and practice papers. 

Further information and support from the DfE can be found here.

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