At Prospere Learning Trust, we pride ourselves in being a great place to learn, work, and grow.  We have a resolute focus on developing the quality of education in all of our schools. This means that we work together in the pursuit of the highest quality teaching and educational support. We all learn each day, and, together, we all seek to improve each day.

To support our staff, we come together as a collaborative learning community, with a strong culture of professional development and mutual support.

At the heart of Trust vision and ethos is co-operative working to ensure that our schools become so ‘best that they can be’, so that they provide the highest quality educational provision for all of our young people.

We will recruit, train and retain the very best staff driven by a strong culture of professional development and mutual support in the pursuit of highly effective teaching and the highest levels of student progress.

We will be forward thinking and highly aspirational, grounding our strategy and development in the latest educational research.

A commitment to continuous professional development, enables skilled and passionate professionals work together to reflect, innovate and learn together. Across the Trust Learning Communities are established to enable staff to engage with and adapt to emerging educational research, and engage in ongoing professional development to refine their skills. 

The outcome of his approach means that:

  • our students prosper so that they become happy, confident adults with excellent academic knowledge and qualifications.
  • our staff thrive at every stage of their careers, receiving high quality training, professional development and wellbeing support– from those who are starting out on their careers, to those who are ready to lead, and to those ready to embark on being Headteachers at our schools.

By training, developing and supporting great people in our Trust, we know that our students will receive the very best quality provision, and the best chance of success, whatever their starting points. 


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